Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Premium Office Spaces for Sale in Kharadi, Pune Set New Benchmark

EON Free Zone - Office Spaces in Kharadi, Pune by Panchshil Realty
Commercial projects offering office spaces for sale in Kharadi, Pune have been in great demand with the growing IT businesses. Several international companies have outsourced their business to Pune, which has eventually boosted the need for well-designed office spaces. Kharadi is one of the most promising suburbs of Pune, which has witnessed phenomenal growth in terms of residential as well as commercial development. The locality is in close proximity to well-known areas such as Magarpatta City, Kalyani Nagar, Vimanagar, Wagholi, Koregaon Park and Hadapsar. Thus, Kharadi has transformed well with numerous ongoing and upcoming developments. 

Panchshil Realty’s EON Free Zone, a Special Economic Zone located in Kharadi has actually boosted the popularity of this Eastern region of Pune. EON Free Zone is a thoughtfully planned IT Park, lavishly spread across 45 acres. Among the premium commercial projects in Kharadi, Pune, EON Free Zone incorporates innovative designs, reinventing the conventional box office spaces to dynamic collaborative areas. 

EON Free Zone’s uniquely crafted office spaces for sale in Kharadi, Pune are perfectly designed to suit the modern needs of working professionals. The spaces are brilliantly planned, offering best work experience, ultimately boosts performance. Apart from exceptionally created office spaces, EON Free Zone includes a number of high-end amenities such as:

  • Multi-purpose auditorium with approximately 130 seats
  • Crèche providing preschool, daycare, child care, pre kindergarten, nursery and after-school care facilities
  • 1000-seater amphitheatre for events and celebrations
  • ATMs and travel services
  • Medical centre
  • SuperSeva Concierge Service including ticket booking, banking services, bill payments, etc.
  • Food courts
  • ABS health club

All of these amenities offer working professionals with numerous conveniences, making office life easier. Altogether, EON Free Zone is a state-of-the-art corporate hub, which amalgamates business with finest amenities and facilities, offering enjoyable work freedom.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Office Spaces in Pune That Merge Art & Smart

Commercial Office Spaces by Panchsil

Commercial property developments have flourished across Pune, as several international businesses have been outsourced to the city. Property buyers are increasingly looking out for premium office space in Pune that best suit their business requirements. Moreover, with alliance with international clients, it has become essential to set up the businesses in well-designed commercial spaces. Panchshil Realty is the top real estate brand in Pune. They have launched several state-of-the-art real estate projects in commercial, residential, corporate, retail and hospitality sectors. 

Among the real estate developers in Pune, Panchshil Realty has successfully developed affluent properties such as Panchshil Tech Park Hinjewadi, Business Bay, ICC Tech Park, ICC Trade Tower, Tech Park One, Quadra, World Trade Centre Pune, Podeam, ICC High Street, My Mall and Balewadi High Street, Siemens, Emerson, Bajaj Brand View, Bajaj Finserv, Suzlon One Earth, Cummins India Campus, The Chambers, EON Free Zone, Panchshil Tech Park Vimanagar, Pancshil Business Park and Axa Business Services. Located at prime locations of the city, like Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Airport Road, Hadapsar, Balewadi, etc., all of these ventures offer easy accessibility from all parts of Pune. 

The Balewadi High Street, which is a part of Panchshil Business Park, is a meticulously planned project perfectly amalgamating businesses, food and leisure. Panchshil Business Park houses built-to-suit Cummins campus featuring all modern amenities and advanced support service. Cummins India Campus is a professional collaborative workspace, thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 6,000 employees. Business Bay houses an integrated community business park that is spread across 2,000,000 sq. ft. of area that features premium office and recreational spaces along with luxury retail shops and hotel – The Ritz-Carlton. World Trade Centre’s Tower I and upcoming Towers – II, III and IV are planned and executed for well-appointed office spaces in Pune.
Likewise, the ICC High Street and My Mall at Senapati Bapat Road are ideal destinations for setting up commercial businesses, offering visitors an exceptional and lifestyle experience. With all these current and forthcoming projects by the finest developer in Pune, the city is viewed as one of the top regions with the best commercial real estate developments.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Luxury Televisions for Luxury Apartments in Pune

Luxury Televisions for Luxury Apartments in Pune

Owning to the exquisite luxury apartments in Pune, the city has become an elite trend among indulgent individuals. Luxury homes have moved beyond the stature of mere living spaces. Today, they are the emblems of status, fashion and extravagance. Developers in Pune are very much aware of this new mind-set among the buyer. Accordingly, they now strive to deliver the most exceptionally rich, real estate developments worthy of being proud assets for the owners.

Panchshil Realty, Pune's leading real estate developers, is a prominent and favored name among luxury seekers. This prestigious brand are masters in fusing innovation with luxury. This is characteristic which attracts all of its customers. Panchshil customers unequivocally have a keen eye for the highest form of luxury. Most aspect of their home is bound to be instilled with inspiring marvels. A recent Panchshil survey has exhibited that its customers have a special interest in possessing luxury television sets. No doubt, a stunning television set work wonders in infusing grandeur to the living room. Here is a list of five most luxurious TV sets of the world:
  1. Stuart Hughes 'Rose Edition' - The Most Expensive TV

    Price: $2.26 million

    Its outer frame is entirely made up of gold, while the power buttons have been replaced by diamonds. Around 28 kilograms of 18 carat gold was used to make the outer frame along with 72 diamonds of 1 carat each. High picture quality and elegant design adds to the distinctiveness of asset.

  2. Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme

    Price: $1.5 million

    This TV uses 48 diamonds, each of 1 carat. Its frame uses 24 carat gold and the display size is 55 inches. It also uses alligator skin, hand-sewn into the bezel. Indeed, this product will add to the luxury of your home.

  3. C SEED 201 - World's Largest TV

    Price: $680, 000

    No other television in the world is as large as C Seed 201. Its diagonal length of display is 201 inches and this makes it the largest TV in the world. It is completely made up of LED making it the largest and most expensive LED TV.

  4. Panasonic TH-152UX1

    Price: $0.5 million

    It has a mammoth 152 inch display screen. According to Panasonic's official website, it has a self-illuminating display. It is powered by ultra-high speed drive technology. The plasma display produces approximately four times the amount of information (4096 x 2160 pixels) of a Full HD panel (1920 x 1080 pixels).

  5. Samsung's 110 Inch TV

    Price: $150,000

    Launched in December 2013, this is the costliest television manufactured by South Korean electronics giant Samsung. It has a super sharp resolution and because of its high level of clarity, it is sometimes dubbed as "ULTRA HD".

Saturday, 11 October 2014

5 Most Desirable Perfumes in the World

1. DKNY, Golden Delicious Million Dollar
Made from the finest precious stones such as diamonds, pink diamonds, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline and 14-carat gold and white gold, the Golden Delicious Million Dollar perfume by DKNY was a limited edition that was a rage amongst the women.

2. Clive Christian, Imperial Majesty
What happens when you mix jasmine, cardamom, carnation, lemon, bergamot and benzoin and package it in bottle of Baccarat crystal with a 5 carat diamond set on an 18 carat gold collar with a dazzling white diamond embedded in it? You get a $215,000 perfume by Clive Christian called the Imperial Majesty aka No 1. 

3. Hermes, 24 Faubourg
Designed by Maurice Roucel and Bernard Bourjois, the Hermes 24 Faubourg is a combination of ylang ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, iris, vanilla and ambergris fragrances and bottled in a St.Louis crystal bottle. The bottles come in one ounce sized bottles of $1,500 each. 

4. Jean Patou, Joy
Joy by Henri Almeras was is a lavish combination of 10,000 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses along with other ingredients, such as ylang-ylang and tuberose. The 'bijou' bottle itself was designed by architect Louis Sue emulating the architectural principles of divine proportions. It costs $800 per ounce. 

5. Anick Goutal, Eau de Hadrian
In a limited edition Baccarat crystal bottle, Anick Goutal's fragrance, 'Eau de Hadrian' is inspired by Marguerite Yourcenar's novel "Memoirs of Hadrian". Annick Goutal used a citrus fruit scent mixed with hints of grapefruit, lemon and cypress. This universal and timeless fresh perfume is priced at $1,500 a bottle.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What's Trending

This fall/winter season, you have a range of beauty trends that you can opt to follow. From the nude, yet striking, look to the bright reds, from glossy highlights to metallic shades... the season has it all.

Nude makeup is back in trend, but with elements that make a statement. Striking eyelashes or glazed and matted forehead and cheekbones... the nude make up takes centre stage.

Dark colour lips - reds or wines - also make an appearance. They make a very bold statement. Keep the eyes and the face on a subtle side, as you take the volume up on the lips.

Shiny metallic colours and differently shaped eye-shadows make the Eyes the focal point in one of the trends. Smoky or colourful, the eyes do the talking here!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Spanish connection

A veteran in Indian fashion, JJ Valaya has been a name to reckon with. He was of the batch of designers who introduced India to fashion as we know it now. So, when he comes up with his latest collection, it is definitely one to watch out for. 'The Maharaja of Madrid' brings the Spanish flair to Indian craftsmanship.

The latest JJ Valaya Couture collection The Maharaja of Madrid rather than dwelling upon the rather obvious visual connects of Spain, delves into juxtaposing the contradictory to come out with a unique collection of the some of the finest couture statements of the season. The collection was divided into five sections, each dealing with different elements of the Indo-Hispanic connection. Each had its own distinct colour scheme while separate from each other, was still congruous with each other. Rich silk, jacquards, velvets, tulles and georgettes in the shades of reds, aubergines, blues, turquoises, corals and burgundies spread across the collection. The Maharaja of Madrid is a beautiful amalgamation of Spanish flamboyance, blend of the tailored with the flow, Indian miniature art and embellishments.

His journey into the world of fashion has been nothing short of spectacular. So claims top designer JJ Valaya. Fashion aficionados will definitely agree.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dandeli Delights

In Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, the Western Ghats and the free-flowing River Kali combine to form undulating streams, sylvan surroundings and trekking tracts making Dandeli a serene and magical nature experience.

From banks to mountain tops, Dandeli is dominated by the River Kali - a breathtaking emerald green serpent. A continuous canopy covers its banks, while the river itself is calm and clean unlike any other. Dandeli is home to endemic species like Malabar Giant Squirrel, Malabar Pied Hornbill, and the Malabar Gray Hornbill; other citizens include the monitor lizard, fishing eagles and several kinds of kingfishers amongst many others. Monsoon at Dandeli is just the right time for bird watching.  Weaverbirds, pied kingfishers and egrets skim over the river bank, even as cormorants pose and dive to catch fish.

The known habitat of the rare Black Panther, the dense forest cover makes it difficult to spot this majestic beauty. Yet trails mark easy spotting of the spotted deer, Sambar, barking deer, sloth bear, the gaur, wild boars, fox, jackal, pangolin, and elephants.

The Kavala Caves are located 25 km. from Dandeli. The trail here is through dense virgin forest with a thousand steps to maneuver. These prehistoric limestone caves are revered as the abode of Shiva. arrow, winding tunnels lead to a naturally formed lingam. The trek back offers awe-inspiring views of the River Kali winding through the valley below.